Security Maps

Do your maps protect and save?

Security Maps are needed in a variety of occupancy types, particularly schools. These maps are used as a training tool, which illustrates either to evacuate or lockdown a security threat.  When utilizing these maps, you have to ask yourself:

  1. If emergency personnel needed to address an active shooter or other security threat, would they have updated facility maps at their disposal?
  2. If a teacher needed to lock down their classroom, would they have an illustrative tool that reminds them how to process to follow?
  3. Does your business/organization have up-to-date floor plans that allow you to create safe training tools for any situation?

Keep in mind; up-to-date building maps are an asset to any occupancy type (school, manufacturing, retail, office complex, event venue, etc.).

  • Accurate Floor Plans
  • Exit/Entry Locations
  • Lock Down Areas
  • Building Mechanicals and Shut Offs

Give the police what they need. Good Security Maps.