Safety on Display

Building Maps is proud to offer a wide variety of frames and fire evacuation map accessories. Our frames and mounts ensure that every map and emergency plan is properly protected and displayed, creating the best visibility possible.

Keep in mind, purchasing Building Maps frames or mounting equipment while we are designing your maps gives you a one-stop shop for design, framework, and installation!

Sintra PVC Frames

Sintra Maps (closed-cell polyvinyl chloride) are available through special order.


Map Lamination

Building Map Holders


Economy Acrylic Evacuation Map Holder


Economy Acrylic Evacuation Map Holder with Label


Evacuation Map ‘Pocket’ Holder

Importance of Proper Mounting Equipment

Having your facility’s fire evacuation map professionally made is excellent, and now it’s time correctly install, place, and mount your maps. Strategically locating your maps along with using secure framing is essential for effective emergency signage and meeting regulations. By correctly placing your evacuation map, you ensure that users can quickly identify and use your map. Having the right framing will also protect your map, keeping evacuation routes legible, even in an emergency. With the right equipment plans are also less likely to tampered with or moved.

Get your fire evacuation map frames and mounts from the Building Maps Frames Store today!

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