Campus Maps

What are Campus Maps?

Campus maps display the grounds of schools, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, apartment or condo complexes, office parks, and more. They are used by students, visitors, employees, or residents to navigate the campus. Typically used for wayfinding and severe weather planning, campus maps should be highly legible and easily transferable from digital to print.

Campus Maps
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Who Will Use a Campus Map?

The most common use of a campus map is as a visitor management tool—guiding viewers to their destination and providing useful information. Public safety and emergency management staff also use campus maps for training and incident planning. Wayfinding maps, like campus directories, are informative and legible maps placed at key locations throughout the campus. They are especially useful in multi-building facilities or other large campuses.

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Applicable Industries

While campus maps are commonly used by schools and universities, they are also found in large, complex facilities like hospitals, airports, production plants, business parks, campgrounds, and apartment complexes. Any large campus or multi-building facility should have strategically placed signs and maps so viewers can quickly and efficiently find their way to their destination.

Campus Map Features

No two campus maps will be identical. Map features will vary depending on the type of building, building population, landmark locations, and services. Common campus map features include:

  • Easy to Understand Legend
  • Labeled Buildings and Streets
  • First Aid Location
  • Security Location
  • Restaurants and Eateries
  • Campus Amenities
  • Event Venues
  • Print and Website Versions
Campus Map Complex

Campus Map Design

At Building Maps, we have designed campus maps for a variety of campuses from hospitals to schools, and everything in between. Our team of experienced designers and safety experts work closely with you to ensure your map is customized to your campus and objectives. Not only will our team create these maps, but we will work with you to ensure they are maintained with up-to-date information. Campus maps come in various styles and should be available in print or on the web.

Campus Full Illustration Map

Full Illustration Map

Colorful and detailed, full illustration maps are ideal for websites, brochures, and flyers.

Campus Map Basic Map

Basic Map

Simple and economical, basic maps use less ink when printed in large quantities.

Campus Map Satellite Image

Satellite Image Map

Showing specific landscape details, satellite image maps are economical and can be created quickly.

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