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At Building Maps, we create Fire Evacuation Maps, Security Maps, Campus Maps, and Severe Weather Maps for businesses and organizations throughout the U.S. Our maps are used for emergency management and visitor wayfinding. We train and work closely with local fire and police departments in conjunction with our clients to achieve safe, compliant, easy-to-read building maps.

Safety In Design

Creating a wayfinding or emergency evacuation map for your building sounds simple. However, there are many factors to consider. A strong understanding of fire code compliance, OSHA regulations, and occupation type ‘best practices’ are all needed to make safe, compliant Emergency Evacuation Maps. Our team at Building Maps are experts in fire egress routing and safety map illustration. This ensures that if an emergency were to arise, your employees and visitors will have a clear guide to safety.

Safety in Design

Emergency Evacuation Planning

Safety and security maps are only as good as the plan behind the map. We help safety, security and administrators design and understand the functionality of an emergency plan. When an emergency requires a building evacuation, it is critical to have a plan in place along with the proper mapping and signage.

Plan. Protect. Save Lives.

Evacuation Plans, Maps, and
Signs Specific to Your Industry

Working with Building Maps

Designing a map has many variables. With countless combinations of building usage and occupancy types, every wayfinding or emergency evacuation map should be unique to its building. Fortunately, if there’s an industry, we’ve created maps for it. Throughout our history, we have experience designing evacuation, security, campus, and severe weather maps for schools, manufacturing facilities, healthcare centers, government offices, and commercial property.

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