Fire Evacuation Maps

What are Fire Evacuation Maps?

Fire evacuation maps are simplified building schematics that guide viewers away from an imminent threat or hazardous area. Typically, these maps show building features such as rooms, doors, exits, hallways, stairwells, and more. Evacuation maps will also show a ‘You Are Here’ location and safe egress routes. Additional information such as the location of safety equipment may be included when appropriate.

Evacuation Map
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Why Do I Need Fire Evacuation Maps?

Current, compliant fire evacuation maps keep employees, customers, and visitors safe. Not only do they give clear direction in the event of a fire, but they may be used during fire drills to confirm everyone is following the safest egress routes. If your evacuation maps are not safe and accurate, now is the time to review and update your evacuation maps. True fire safety is a direct result of planning.

Fire Evacuation Map

Are Fire Evacuation Maps Required?

While fire evacuation maps are sometimes required to meet building codes, they are always prudent. Outdated or inaccurate maps are dangerous and a liability to your business or organization. These maps also make a good training tool and may be a place to display severe weather instructions, industrial hazard evacuation, security information, AED, and first aid locations. Evacuation maps are more than just an illustration or code requirement. They are imperative to the continued safety of everyone who enters a building.

Fire Evacuation Map Features

Evacuation maps must be simple and easy to understand. Specific features will vary depending on the building and the environment. Common features of a fire evacuation map include:

  • Primary and Secondary Egress Routes
  • Building Exits
  • You Are Here Location
  • Fire Pull Locations
  • Fire Extinguisher Locations
  • Clear Map Legend
  • AED Locations
Fire Evacuation Map

Fire Evacuation Map Design

Every map we create is specifically designed based on building layout, building usage, occupancy time, fire codes, and industry best practices. Our team has the training, experience, and staffing to create and maintain accurate and legible fire evacuation maps. We’ve worked with large and complex businesses across the U.S. and have created thousands of safe, compliant maps.

Experienced Staff

Experienced Staff

Our experienced staff has worked on large, complex projects throughout the U.S. Multiple project managers and illustrators are available to make sure your fire evacuation maps are completed quickly.

Safety in Design

Trained Illustrators

All of our illustrators are trained in fire and life safety. We understand the codes and standards of the NFPA, ICC, and OSHA. Your map will be designed by experienced and trained professionals.

Project Management

Project Management

We have the project management tools and technology to easily handle large projects. You will not need to purchase or train with expensive software.

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