Three Reasons to Create a Security Map for Your Facility

by | Jul 20, 2023

Security maps are detailed maps that teams use to prepare for and respond to emergency situations. They often include emergency resources, indicate exit points, and provide critical details about your building’s infrastructure. In other words, security maps are more than just a floorplan—they’re a valuable resource.

In this blog, we explore three reasons your facility should consider adding a security map, and how you and your team can benefit by having one in place.

1. First Responders Use Security Maps in an Emergency

If there is an emergency in your facility, first responders use security maps to strategically plan their response efforts. Police and fire look at things like stairways, exits, and other features, depending on the emergency. Plus, using the maps’ labels to refer to these locations makes coordinating efforts easier and less confusing. Saying “go to the side stairway” is less precise than “go to Stairway B.”

2. Updated Maps are Part of an Evolving Safety Plan

Safety plans should be living documents. Your plan, which includes your security map, should evolve over time as new threats and best practices emerge. Did your facility recently install security cameras? Camera locations should be included in your security map! What about a fire panel? That should be in your security map, too! Any changes or updates should be added to your map to ensure you and your team have what you need when you need it most.

3. Security Maps Provide Useful Information in Non-Emergency Situations

Security maps provide valuable information and insight, even when there’s no emergency present. For instance, someone who uses a wheelchair will likely want to know where there is a wheelchair-friendly automatic door operator. Or, if a utility company needs to work on the water lines, a security map will indicate where the water shutoff is located. Security maps include these kinds of details, making them an invaluable everyday resource.

Creating a Security Map Requires Insight and Expertise

Many elements of a security map are things people tend to take for granted. Stairs, exit points, and elevators become so routine, it’s easy to not think twice about where they are. That’s where Building Maps enters the picture! We have the skills and know-how to take an objective look at your building or facility, ensuring all the critical elements are captured and included in a to-scale, helpful map. Plus, if there are any special legal requirements, we make sure your map includes those elements.

Security Map Design

Building Maps Is Your Trusted Security Map-Making Partner

Whether you need to update your safety plan or are creating your first-ever security map, Building Maps is ready to help. Our team of trained wayfinding experts and skilled illustrators work side-by-side to create security maps for all kinds of businesses and organizations. We’re proud of the work we do to keep people safe and are ready to speak with you about your organization’s needs. To learn more about our capabilities, please contact our team or fill out this quick form to request a quote. We look forward to speaking with you!

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