How to Apply for Critical Incident Map Funding – Section 97d

by | Sep 30, 2022

Michigan School Safety Grant

The Michigan Department of Education has announced that state funding is now available to enhance security at Michigan schools, but time is short as the application process closes at 7:00 am, Monday, October 17, 2022.

Section 97d (MCL 388.1697d) contains the funding for critical incident mapping for school districts, ISDs, and nonpublic schools.

Critical Incident Maps provide one of the three important safety mapping needs for schools (fire evacuation, security, and tornado sheltering).

These types of maps provide vital information to first responders and school administration in an emergency event. Critical Incident Maps typically use satellite imaging to create a realistic depiction of a building and the surrounding area. Key areas like the cafeteria or gym are labeled as well as gas and electric shutoffs and roof access points. A grid is overlaid on the map to help first responders communicate and plan more accurately.

Scott Sutter, Police Chief of Linden, Michigan, said having this tool at the disposal of his officers is a benefit to students, faculty, and staff in schools. “It’ll give us give them a better sense of safety and knowing that we can respond quicker, more efficiently to an active shooter situation,” said Sutter.

What You Need to Do

Step 1: Contact Building Maps to get a quote to create Critical Incident Maps for your school.

To get a quote, we need the following information for each building:

  1. Building Name
  2. Building Address
  3. Number of Floors

You can also email this information to us at

Step 2: Use the Building Maps quote to apply for the grant with the State of Michigan / Department of Education.

Work with the Safety Experts at Building Maps (Rockford, MI)

Building Maps has been creating and maintaining school security maps, fire evacuation maps, and severe weather (tornado sheltering) maps for over a decade. Contact our office today for all of your school safety mapping needs.

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