A Reminder of the importance of emergency PREPARATION in schools.

Students, faculty, and staff were evacuated from Indian Valley Elementary School in Overland Park, Kansas due to a small fire. The incident took place on Tuesday, November 27th. The fire took place at about 11 a.m. Reports state the the school fire was located and contained within a maintenance closet inside the building. The local fire department arrived after being notified of the incident. Fire crews arrived and ordered and evacuation of all occupants while the fire was put out and smoke was cleared from the building. The cause of the fire is currently being investigated, but is currently unknown.

The NFPA reported that there since 2013, the average number of school fires per year is over 3,000. Due to the alarming frequency of fire emergencies in schools, it’s important that you spend the necessary time and resources preparing for these events. Hold drills regularly throughout the school year without prior notification to staff and faculty. Use these drills as opportunities to not only practice emergency procedures and conduct, but also to analyze their effectiveness. It’s important to designate faculty and staff members to monitor these drills as they are taking place. Use the data they collect to make your emergency procedures more efficient and effective.

It’s also important to prepare for school emergencies with an emergency action plan. This plan should contain evacuation maps and severe weather sheltering maps. The fire safety experts at Building Maps can handle your safety mapping needs!

Plan. Protect. Save Lives.

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Small fire reported in Overland Park elementary maintenance closet

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