May is “Building Safety Month”

by | Apr 24, 2020

April is coming to a close, which means that Building Safety Month is quickly approaching! Join us and the International Code Council throughout the month of May in taking some extra time to focus on the safety of the occupants of our buildings. The Building Maps team will be joining the ICC in celebrating and spreading the word on information relating to this year’s four major topics of concern: Disaster Preparedness, Water Safety, Innovation, and Training.

Conversations throughout the month of May will be driven by different topic relating to safety in the built environment. The schedule from the ICC is as follows:

Week 1: Disaster Preparedness

The severity and frequency of natural disasters are increasing. It’s more important now than ever to prepare in advance for fires and severe weather emergencies. It’s important to have regular conversations within your organization about not only building to code, but maximizing the safety of existing spaces as well.

Week 2: Water Safety

Millions of people across the globe lack access to safe, clean drinking water. Even within the US, it’s important to be aware or potential contamination of your water supply at home, at work, and in public places. Water safety is an important, often overlooked component of building safety.

Check in with the ICC during the second week of May for some tips on maximizing the safety of your water supply.

Week 3: Resiliency, Sustainability, and Innovation.

Innovation in the building safety industry is evolving faster than ever before. From green energy solutions to disaster resiliency, if you blink you might miss the latest technological advancements and forward-thinking ideas. Whether you have plans of building, renovating, or remodeling in the near future, use this week to catch up and learn about modern techniques and products in building safety.

Week 4: Training the Next Generation

Professional training is key to creating and maintaining safe buildings within your organization. The ICC recently reported that over four out of every five building safety professionals are over the age of 45. This means that over the course of the next 15 years, that 80% of the current industry workforce will be gone.

This means that preparing the next generation of building safety professionals has never been more important. Now is a great time for young professionals to learn about the industry and decide if building safety might be a career path for them.


Building Maps is the industry leader in creating and maintaining safety maps for schools, companies and organizations across the country.

If you have a need for safety maps, request a quote or contact our team for more information on how our services can make your buildings safe and code-compliant.

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