Safety Maps for Internal Use

by | Mar 23, 2020

One of the most important functions of safety mapping is creating evacuation maps for public use in an emergency. Fire evacuation maps are placed on the doors of classrooms and offices and the walls of distribution centers and factories for this reason. 

However, it’s easy to forget and neglect other important safety maps for internal use. Building Maps offers a wide variety of map types for a vast array of industries.

Here’s a list of just a few map types that could be important to your organization in the event of an emergency:

3 Types of Safety Maps for Internal Use:

  1.  Security Maps – These maps could be of great importance to your security department. Security maps are created to reflect your building or campus’ security equipment such as camera locations and police pulls. This is a great way to track security assets or use for investigative purposes.
  2. Floor Plans – Clean floor plans are versatile, and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Building Maps will take your buildings’ blueprints and turn them into floor plans that are usable for emergencies, internal meetings and even your marketing materials. We can also provide your organization with a campus map that encompasses the entire property of your school, business or organization. 
  3.  Asset Tracking Tracking the safety assets located in your building is as easy as marking your existing maps with a pen. Show us where your fire extinguishers, fire pulls, and AEDs are located and we can create pristine, legible documents that will make locating these items easier in the future. Remember that it’s likely that your fire extinguisher servicer likely already has access to documentation of the locations of your building

Plan. Protect. Save Lives.

Building Maps is the industry leader in creating and maintaining safety maps for schools, companies and organizations across the country. If you have a need for safety maps – request a quote or contact our team for more information on how our services can make your buildings safe and code-compliant.

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